Below is information about some of the spots available for hitting some natural surf, until the jellyfish move in - usually early to mid August. After that it's just putting your feet in the sand and relaxing in the sun with a nice cool drink.

Ashiya Beach Kaisui Yokujou (C) - is located in Ashiya Town. A lifeguard is on duty until Sunday August 16th. There are free showers available as well as free parking for 1,000 cars.

Waita Beach Kaisui Yokujou (ecC) - is not far from Green Park in Wakamatsu-ku. It`s just off route 495, which runs along the coast. By car is definitely the best way to go. Although city buses from either Orio Station or Wakamatsu Station run along the coast, service is infrequent. There are both free and pay showers available,and parking will cost you. One attraction of this beach, though, is that sea turtles come to lay their eggs here.

Iwaya Beach Kaisui Yokujou (≮C) - is situated between Ashiya beach and Waita beach. Nearby is Kanpo-no-Yado which sits atop a cliff and has hot spring baths open to the public. Buses run to and from there, as well as along the coast, but once again the service is infrequent. The beach is a little off of route 495. The beach is popular with water sport enthusiasts, such as surfers and parasailers. There are several eateries nearby if you are in need of food and drink. Parking will cost you and showers are only available in the beach huts.

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